Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXVIII

FOLLY: We skipped a week, I'm honestly not sure if we got any emails or we missed the ones we got, but our email account was going through it and things were all over the place. We have a few today so let's get right to it. 

Kudos on the blog.
My birthday is on Thursday and I need idea on where I can celebrate my birthday after work with a couple of friends (about 8). I am also on a budget and is looking at just celebrating low key as the main focus is to gist, have a good time.
— A

NOSA: Check out the Grill House in Farm City

FOLLY: Have you been to Posh Cafe in Ikoyi ? The vibe is very laid back and you might enjoy it. Alternatively, you can check out Winehouse in Ikoyi - their food menu is somewhat limited but hey they have lots of wine. 

NOSA: If you just want to gist and you don't particularly care about the food, you can go to Churrasco. I know...I know...but hear me out. The space is actually kinda nice and if you stick to beer, you might not spend a shit ton. Just a thought. 

Subject: Not-so-large Party

Message: Y’all are doing a great job here- bottomless mimosas, frog legs et working the hell outta that DOA bistro for EDL’s birthday shindig. i applaud you guys again.
I need help with a good restaurant that can accommodate 60-70 for a private party: please and thank you.
— Z.N

NOSA: Ah, aunty, that's a large party o!

I'd suggest Zen Garden in Ikeja or Pearl Garden in VI, but I'm sure on how private you want it and it's dead Nigerian Chinese food.  Now that I think about it, there aren't too many restaurants in Lagos sitting on huge real estate. The ones with the expansive real estate are usually in hotels and if you're going to go with hotel restaurant, 1415 in Eko Signature is best around.

Subject: Advice

Message: Good day,
It’s my birthday coming up this weekend, and i’m thinking of a good hangout spot i’d like to treat my friends to. I’ll appreciate it if you could help. Not too tush and not too local, good mixture of both. I’d like something on Lekki axis, between phase 1 and Chevron roundabout before VGC. Reasonable prices too.
Please help!
I’m sorry. In relation to the previous mail, I’m looking for a place to drink majorly and probably eat foodstuff like isiewu, nkwobi, pizza? Hence the reference “not too tush, and not too local”.
Thank You!
— F.O

FOLLY: The Red Beryl Lounge at Fefferitti (sp?) Mall in Lekki Phase One will definitely get you what you're looking for. It's a decent mix of Nigerian and International foods. They also definitely have Nkwobi. 

Subject: Cafes in Lekki

Message: Is there a nice & quiet restaurant/cafe in Lekki where someone can go to work or read a book in Lekki. It will be a plus if there’s free internet.

Will appreciate your suggestions
— M.B

FOLLY: Olivia's Cafe  on Fola Osibo.