The New Orchard Terrace

The Orchard Terrace

Park Place Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos


FOLLY: #BeingFemaleInNigeria going out to eat with a guy and not being handed a menu.

I only started paying attention to this because it has happened a few of times now. At first I used to think it was a lack of menus so they’d give us one to share but twice in a row now Nosa has been handed a menu and I wasn’t. If I ask though, I’ll get one but why do I have to ask. 

NOSA: ...and the bill too. 

Anyone notice how Lagos waitresses are all-round shitty to female guests? Like, one time at 355, Folly tried to get something  and the babe goes, "I'm not your waitress". If you walk into Pat's Bar as a girl, NONE of the waitresses will check for you.

I digress. 

I got the French Bacon & Cheese Burger

NOSA: My burger was more or less a janded Mr. Biggs burger. Like, it wasn’t bad or anything and for a 2k burger, it’s good value for money.

FOLLY: I didn't taste it, but the bun looked ridiculously soft and toasted.

NOSA: Yeah, the bun was really good. Best part of it tbh. 

This thing isn’t going to be on any top 10 lists any time soon. The patty smelt really funky. Maybe this is the beef that causes cancer according to those scientists. 

FOLLY: The Orchard Terrace looks like a place that’d have amazing point and kill so I initially ordered Catfish. After being informed by the waitress that it wasn’t available, I decided to go for Chicken Wings.

FOLLY: The wings were slathered in stew but I wasn’t disappointed as that was exactly what I was expecting. They (The Orchard) also didn’t claim that the wings would be anything other than that.

The fries were so perfectly cut, that the fact that they were mostly likely frozen fries was easily given away. 

NOSA: A girl I used to know at one point in my life let me in on a little Lagos restaurant secret: most of the fries you eat are really yam chips. I’ve probably said this before on this blog, but I think I’ve finally found one of these restaurants.

FOLLY: Oh, these were also probably the least oily fries I've ever had, must have fried them in one of those air frying contraptions or really used paper towels to get all the extra oil out or maybe Nosa is right and it’s really just yam.


NOSA: I’ll probably come here again, but it’s not because the food blew me away or anything. The space is really nice and bartender is solid. They have a dickhead waitress tho. Proper dickhead.

FOLLY: I didn't have a drink so yeah maybe I'll come again to try their cocktails but then I also thought my food was good value for money too. 



Chicken  Wings - N2000

French Bacon & Cheese Burger - N2500

Fries - N500

Orchard Lemonade - N2000