NOSA: A couple of months ago, I was helping Folly out at Mente Da Moda and I thought it would be good idea to have something like that.

For food. 

The idea evolved a little bit and here we are.

FOLLY: We partnered MODÉ (who may or may not be a relative of mine) to bring you the Eat.Drink.Festival which is a food and art festival of sorts. We will take over the outside of her studio with lots of amazing food and drink vendors while she has a pretty amazing art exhibition going on inside.

FOLLY: So save the date and try not to sign yourself up to be married or attend a wedding on that day please. We will have a small chops vendor and you can bring your own champagne so there's really no reason for you to go to that wedding. In fact, the small chops at weddings these days isn't even guaranteed. 

NOSA: The goal of the festival is to create an unmatched culinary experience with the city's best food and drink vendors. "Online Restaurants" don't get a restaurant week so this is like that...kinda. 
Look, if you've been to any of our Lunch Clubs you'll know the most important thing to us will always be the food so this should be fun
If you're interested in being one of our vendors, fill out the little form below and we'll go from there

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FOLLY: Check out the festival website for more information, updates and the vendor line up. 

PS. The Eat.Drink.Festival is free admission - you don't need a ticket or anything of that nature. 

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