Delis Cafe Is Finally Open

Delis Cafe

1291 Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0809 662 2288

NOSA: There are only two grocery stores I really go to in Lagos - Delis and Rennie’s (that “Supermarket” on Alexander). Coincidentally, these are probably the only two grocery stores that sell Corona on the regular. Tells you a lot about my shopping habits. 

Anyway, Delis has finally opened the cafe above the store so Folly and I had to go check it out.

FOLLY: Been thinking about the technical term to call the new Deli's Cafe. I won't call it a coffee shop because that's not all they do, they also have a bar, and then they also have food; I'm not quite sure cafe really cuts it. 

NOSA: Delis’ space is an interesting bar-meets-cafe combo. On one side, it looks like a coffee shop and on the other side, it looks like the bar at Sip. Somehow it works. Don’t ask me how.

The menu isn’t the most extensive thing in the world, by the way. Just a heads up. It’s breakfast, salads, sandwiches, and like 3/4 mains. Don’t come in here expecting some culinary kini that you’ve never experienced before. Besides, it’s supposed to be a cafe.

Sidenote: it’s hilarious how the Corona up here is double the price of what you pay in the store downstairs. I guess you have to pay for the A/C and the generator and that gorgeous view of Akin Adesola construction. 

FOLLY: I was also telling Nosa during lunch that you'd probably never get told at Deli's something wasn't available cause they could just go to their supermarket downstairs and pick it up.

Anyway, I got the Chicken Pesto Sandwich while Nosa had the Salmon Avocado Salad

NOSA: I’m trying to go on this healthy kick right now because my doctor says I should, and I’ve got pretty fat now. I was looking at my old Crossfit pictures the other day and fam, I was really a buff ting back then.

My salad was pretty good. Like, one of those artisanal ones you get in obodo oyibo. The thing had capers, arugula, and whatnot. Not like the dead salads you get at Lagos restaurants that just dump cabbage on your plate. 

Oh, the salmon was stuffed (or rolled?) with cream cheese

FOLLY: Too much pesto can be a bad thing (like the first time we went to Taverna), as can too little pesto. There was a happy medium in this sandwich, I felt like Goldilocks that found the bowl of porridge that was 'just right'. 

I'm always happy when I get served mushrooms that weren't picked out of a can. 

Only let down cause they didn't have struggle citizens milk aka soy so I couldn't try any of their coffee creations which looked soooo good. I settled for a Jasmine green tea which of course tasted like tea. 

NOSA: I like how I said I was going on a healthy kick and somehow I still found myself with crepes in my mouth.

FOLLY: Absolutely my fault, I was being an enemy of progress. Not on other days though, then I usually try to make sure Nosa doesn't eat Olaiya rice for lunch. 

NOSA: These weren’t bad, but for some reason I prefer the one at Shawarma & Co. I feel like one of those people that prefer Mr Biggs donut to Krispy Kreme. Oh well, I like what I like.

FOLLY: I actually liked the crepes, definitely exceeded my milk intake for the day with it but it was worth it. 


NOSA: This might be my new favorite place. They just need to share their wifi password with me and I'm never going back to Neo. On God. 

FOLLY: The price on their sandwich is just right, better bang for buck than Daily Bread



Pesto Chicken Sandwich - N2500

Avocado Salmon Salad - N3500

Crepes - N1500