Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXII

Subject: Breakfast place!

Message: Hi there,

Love The site. Great idea.
Myself And a few friends are looking for a great breakfast place. Been to bistro 7 And cactus. And crust And Cream just doesnt Work for me.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Will appreciate a Quick response cause we’re planing this tomorrow.

— F.O.

NOSA: So we found a great one on Sunday called Samantha's Bistro, maybe you can give that a shot. 

Subject: younger readers

Message: Hey! I know this is an ask column but I want to suggest something. Edl has secondary school readers . Would u please do something for your younger readers like lunch clubs for the younger ones and maybe a first year anniversary party on the weekends? Thanks
— IO

NOSA: Eat.Drink.Lagos is for the kids too!

FOLLY: I don't think we need to have a separate lunch club for the younger readers, just sign up for the ''regular'' Lunch Club

NOSA: Seriously, most EDL things are very kid friendly. Well, maybe not the birthday party but our shindigs are not ageist. In fact, we decided on "lunch" for our supper club so we didn't phase out younger readers. 


Message: Hi.. My birthday is next wk Thursday yh. my friends want us to go for a dinner anywer, i want to have a dinner with my boyfriend but i don’t know if he’s worth it...i love him but he has never gotten me anything...sigh...i’m really confused. Don’t mean to bore u with my long boring story i just feel like hearing a strangers opinion ...or shud i just go to a spa den lunch with my besty? LOL...
— Mz Ego

FOLLY: If it's your birthday, doesn't the guy normally worry about where to take you. If he doesn't offer anything, go to the spa with your friend then go to RSVP, spoil yourself a little. 

NOSA: Yeah, if he doesn't seem particularly pumped for your birthday then maybe you should spend it with your friends. Or maybe he's planning a surprise party and pretending to not care. 

Subject: NOT a Tip :-)

Message: Guys, I love you two so much, so so much. I totally love the way you write.
Now, if only II can put a face to you two...if only....where in heaven can we find your faces??
— ZM

FOLLY: You should have come to our birthday party.

NOSA: Or you can come to one of our Lunch Club. But yeah, our pictures aren't really out there and it's by design.