Hotel Brunches: The Wheatbaker

The Wheatbaker

4 Lawrence Road. Ikoyi, Lagos

01 277 3560

NOSA: The cook abandoned me this weekend. My mom and my aunt too. They all left me for dead in Lagos. My Jesus is bigger than them though; my cousin and his buddies rescued me.

FOLLY: Stop crying, they left you with Jollof Rice but apparently you're better than that...


NOSA: This was more lunch than brunch, if we're being pedantic. No eggs. No bacon. No sausage. Just rice everywhere. 

FOLLY: Dessert is the most important meal of the day. Then brunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch in that order. Basically, I think lunch is boring. 


Anyway anyway... I had to rashly adopt my "anywhere bele face" buffet strategy. My first plate was a mishmash of flavors - salmon, bbq chicken, ribs, and a southwestern salad.


NOSA: The salmon was magnificent. I really liked it. The southwestern salad was quality as well. Nothing too spectacular about the bbq chicken or the ribs. 

FOLLY: I felt the same way about the smoked salmon at Four Points. It was absolutely delicious. Same supplier maybe?

NOSA: Perhaps


NOSA: Rookie error on my second plate. Got to the buffet table and got overwhelmed. Never get overwhelmed at the buffet table. All that decision stress resulted in me getting some braised beef thing, which was just the worst. Rescued it with some more salmon though so not all doom and gloom. 


NOSA: Dessert ? The red velvet tasted like sweat. Thanks for asking. 

FOLLY: Foul.

Meanwhile, I had leftovers from a Spice Route dinner from the day before in case any one was wondering where I was. 


NOSA: No breakfast stuff. No bottomless mimosas. Meh food. Should've gone to Southern Sun. 


NOSA: Awks...I didn't pay so I never saw the bill. I think it's N7000 or N8000, but don't hold me to that. If they tell you to wash plate, it's not my fault.