The Lagos Happy Hour Project

There’s not a single soul in the world that doesn’t love Happy Hour. Happy Hour might be man’s greatest discovery, closely followed by fire and yoga pants.


As a way of giving back to our community, Eat.Drink.Lagos has decided to build the Happy Hour database that our beautiful city needs. Don’t thank us. We do it for the people. We’re not the heroes you deserve, but the ones you need right now. 

You can view the latest version of our little "database" here. You can see it isn't most populous thing but there's a dearth of places on the mainland. This is why your contributions are very welcome as we try to build the one resource to solve all "what's the p tonight?" problems. 

You can contribute by submitting any potential entries via our fabulous Contact Form or dropping us an email at editor[at]eatdrinklagos[dot]com.