Looking For Korean BBQ in Lagos?

Grills In & Out

7A, Admiralty Road. Lekki, Lagos.

01 291 55000817 0810 139

NOSA: Another place we found via Instagram (the first was Inspiro Galeria). And you people say instagram is only good for half naked pictures with bible verse captions. Pfft #blessed.

There's two floors in this. The first floor is your typical Mongolian grill while the second floor is where all the fun is - the Korean-style BBQ.

FOLLY: They also have an "all day Mongolian breakfast" station downstairs i.e. waffles AND stir-fry. And no, the waffle isn't dessert. Your waffle and stir-fry arrive together and are meant to be eaten together; like Eba & Egusi; Starch & Banga; Amala & Ewedu, etc. but you get me "All Join" style. 

NOSA: Maybe they were going for a Chicken & Waffles type thing. Doesn't work. Chicken & Waffles work because it just screams gluttony. Stir Fry & Waffles screams "WTF are you doing, fam?"

FOLLY: It didn't seat well with me. It is such a confusing idea in my opinion, but some mummies and daddies didn't feel the same way and they were chowing away with reckless abandon. Mbanu, not for me. We just had to go upstairs to get away from that uncomfortable situation. 


NOSA: With Korean BBQ, you do the hard work. Your table has a built-in gas or charcoal grill and you're served raw meat. Well, not raw like it just got killed, but raw like it's been marinated and it's up to you to fuck up.


NOSA: Fun stuff, really.

Funny story. About a year ago, my dad and I were in LA for my sister's film school graduation. She suggests we go to some fancy spot in K-Town. We get there and my dad orders short ribs, bulgogi, and what not. They serve us the food and it hasn't been cooked. My dad was soooo confused. My sister had to calm him down and tell him how it worked. Moral of the story: it might take a while to win Nigerians over.

"I go fit do this one for my house nau"

FOLLY: Definitely! I've witnessed Nigerians being unimpressed at Sweet Kiwi & Cafe Neo because of the self service aspect. A BIG Nigerian man will not understand why he is paying to cook his own food. 


NOSA: We got the Lover's Delight, which is essentially a platter with strips of chicken, beef, and lamb. The lamb was real fatty so I wasn't the biggest fan. A steak knife would've been nice also.

The fried rice that came on the side was a bit hard. The only part of the meal they cooked themselves and they got it wrong. 


FOLLY: I had to navigate the lamb chops with finesse to avoid the fatty bits, but I found that it was the best marinated of the three different meats we got so it was my favourite regardless. The beef was a close second, and I especially liked how thinly sliced it was. The beef probably took one hell of a beating too, as it was real tender. The chicken was okay, it wasn't dry but it definitely needed a spice rub. 

NOSA: Folly's vegetarian sister handled the grilling btw. Worst. Vegetarian. Ever.

FOLLY: While this platter is called "Lovers Delight", it's definitely not intended for two. Believe me when I say it is A LOT of food and can certainly feed a small family of four. Actually, if you're a guy you can bring main bae, and your two side baes here and let them all get acquainted and eat family style.

NOSA: I can totes imagine Baba Segi bringing the whole squad here. (PS: If you haven't read that book, you really need to get on it. It's a shame Lola Shoneyin is a Twitter warrior tho)


NOSA: Also, you can get drinks in a "fun cup". The fun cup is just like those hand grenades you get on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. 

 A "fun cup"

A "fun cup"

FOLLY: Or pretty much any beach front spring break destination. Sadly, the strawberry margaritas we both had were so meh. They weren't even really frozen. 

 Not a "fun cup"

Not a "fun cup"

NOSA: Overall, Grills In & Out was fun. The food was pretty good, but this isn't the type of place I'd visit on the regular. Come here with a group. It's not a solo rocks type of place.

FOLLY: Well I guess if your money is long,  you can definitely do solo rocks on this one. If not, it'll be best come here with some friends so y'all can split the bill a couple ways. 


Lover's Delight - N8,000

Extra Fried Rice - N1,000

Strawberry Margarita (Fun Cup) - N2,000