Meet Your Bartender: Kingsley

Café Royale

267A, Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

01 271 4155

NOSA: The best thing about turning 21 and finally being able to drink legally is bartenders. They're the best people in the world. By the time I was done with grad school, I was buddies with all the bartenders at my favorite bar. 

FOLLY: LOL, yeah I was more focused on making friends with the bouncers. Why ? Go figure.

Anyway, we found out about Kingsley through some blog via Instagram. Apparently, he makes the best cocktails in Lagos (he actually does) and that's why we're here.


NOSA: How long have you been a bartender?

Kingsley: 5 years.

NOSA: ...and where did you start at?

Kingsley: Here [Cafe Royale]

NOSA: So what's your signature drink?

Kingsley: If you want something, you just tell me

FOLLY: No, your specialty...

Kingsley: Most of my drinks are not on the menu

Kingsley proceeds to make us a shot


Kingsley: We call it "Condom". Normally, if I do this one I put my hand inside and it forms a condom. [He demonstrates using a straw]

By now we're in fits of laughter and are certain Kingsley is a keeper. 

FOLLY: What's in it?

Kingsley: This is like Sambuca. Not a spirit. Don't worry, it's not that strong. I can't give you something that is, you told me you're driving.

FOLLY: Are you a king? Because I'm a princess

Kingsley: Of course I'm a king.

FOLLY: Can you marry me?

Kingsley: Not just like that.


FOLLY: Ok, if you won't marry me, will you make drinks at my wedding? Do you even make drinks at events?

Kingsley: Yes, I do.

NOSA: What's your favorite liquor?

Kingsley: Baileys. I just like Baileys.

FOLLY: Baileys and ice is nice. I like peach Ciroc too.

Kingsley: That's good for vodka.

FOLLY: I like Malibu and Campari, but only with Chapman

Kingsley: Yeah, Malibu is very light. Campari and chapman is good, but when you take it with Sprite...

FOLLY: What's your least favorite?

Kingsley: Tequila. So who introduced you to me?

FOLLY: This guy gets me (I drink Margarita's but I haven't had a tequila shot since 2010, and that's a story for another day) ... Toyin

Kingsley: Toyin...I don't remember.

*Kingsley makes another drink*

NOSA: What's in my drink?

Kingsley: "Perfectamol" (*that's what I heard first)


Kingsley: Parfait Armour. Lime. Pineapple Juice. Rum


NOSA: This is completely unrelated. The Nachos at Cafe Royale aren't nachos like nachos, but the chips are sooooo perf. I never esperred it.


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