#MastercardRestaurantWeek: Viceroy

Viceroy Restaurant

33 Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island

0708 861 9536

NOSA: A wise man once said, "Indian food is always a great idea until you find yourself on the toilet seat hours later wondering where it all went wrong." That wise man was me. Indian food is always a tricky proposition. The more delicious it is, the more likely you are to release those fiery acid shits. You can't win them all, brother. 

Hey, there Cafe Neo

Hey, there Cafe Neo

I drive by Viceroy on my daily work commute so when I spotted it on the Restaurant Week list, it seemed a no brainer to hit it up for lunch. It's located on the worst part of Akin Adesola - that strip with the disgusting drainage issues. I find it so hilarious how I never want to drive on side of the road with the "pond" during the day. Different story when you're looking for parking on your way to Sip though. Garra pioneer the whole rocks.


FOLLY: We ordered from the Restaurant Week menu for one - the Lamb Sheesh Kebab as a starter, Chicken Tikka Masala as a main, and Gulab Jamun (read: Indian puff puff) for dessert.  We also added a couple of "sides" (cheese nan, honey glazed calamari, and plain rice) from the regular menu. Stop judging please, Nosa already told y'all that he likes food. Well, yeah me too, but that's a no brainer. 

NOSA: It's weird the Tikka doesn't come with rice by default. it's like going to a bukka and you're served only Ogbono with no Eba. Or is that how bukkas work too?

The food was decent. Nothing particularly spectacular. The Chicken Tikka Masala at Viceroy wasn't as yummy as the one I had at Spice Route a while ago, it lacked that hint of sweetness you expect. If you're going to die on the toilet afterwards, you'd like your Indian food to be everything you expect.

The kebab was a little bland, which was disappointing. I'm so easily washed by sizzling skillets so I expected it to taste like the best thing ever. But it didn't, and that made me a sad panda. Ironically, the best part of it all wasn't even on the prix fixe menu. The calamari was to die for. If you stop by Viceroy, you HAVE to get it.

FOLLY: I agree, chefs everywhere have been ruining calamari by battering and deep frying it. You know what ? They need to stop that cause it's treason against gastronomy. The honey glaze on this calamari was everything. It was the perfect hint of sweetness and spiciness. 

The cheese naan might as well not have been cheese naan, some cheese just got accidentally sprinkled in between the dough. If you've ever had the cheese naan at Churrasco you know what glorious cheese naan tastes like, and if you've never, fix that. 

NOSA: Never thought the day I'd compliment Churrasco on something would come, but Flo is right. Churrasco has the best Cheese Naan I've had anywhere.

As for the desert..LOL

That's pretty much puff puff soaked in sugary ororo.


"Prix Fixe" - N4,000

Honey Glazed Calamari - N2,600

Plain Rice - N1,100

Cheese Naan - N900

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