#MastercardRestaurantWeek: 355

355 Restaurant & Lounge

9A Oko-Awo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0811 304 10190809 465 64940708 058 25780703 151 3223.

NOSA: We get to 355 and apparently the prix fixe menu has been suspended for tweaking. I mean, there’s only like 3 days left. What else is there to tweak? After a minor hissy fit, our wonderful waiter Sola sorts it out with management. Sola was the absolute best. When I told him I came strictly for the Restaurant Week fare, his response was, “I can’t let you guys leave just like that. It’s not right”. Good man.

FOLLY: Sola at 355 is definitely among the ranks of Ernest and Kingsley. Awesome dudes who love their jobs and are pretty rock star at it. I love it when I get great service at a restaurant in Lagos because although it should be the standard, good customer service is hard to come by in our city.



NOSA: On the food, the chicken wings were a little “different”. Not your typical chicken wings. They were more like a Nigerian take on chicken wings. It tasted like the wings were deep fried before being smothered in their pepper sauce.

FOLLY: I wish the menu was a bit more specific about what kind of chicken wings we were getting so I could have asked the chef to tone down the pepper a bit as I don’t like spicy food. So this course was a bit lost on me. The portion size was great though as the wings didn’t look like struggle and strife. 



NOSA: It was not on the prix fixe menu, but I absolutely loved the prawn quesadillas. Everything they lacked in avoiding menu typos, they made up for in the quesadilla. You have to try it if you come to 355. Absolutely have to.

FOLLY: The prawn quesadillas at 355 were a wahalarita fueled discovery a few months ago, but that is really a story for another day. You really do have to try it when you come to 355. I think what also really blows me is how consistent it always is, good stuff ALL the time.

NOSA: Just a little aside here. Restaurant week is supposed to be about finding new places, right? I have no idea why we went to 355 because obviously this isn’t our first time. But look, 355 has the best Tex Mex in all of Lagos. Better than Bottles. Better than Bungalows. Better than that place that just popped up in your head. Argue in your house.

Okay, back to the food, the fajitas definitely stunned me. 

FOLLY: Nosa is ALWAYS excited by sizzling skillets, FYI

NOSA: Sure, I was washed by the skillet like a kid in the candy store but the tortillas were actually tortillas. Most places might serve you Lebanese flatbread, but 355 had actual tortillas. Sounds petty but trust me, it’s a big deal.

FOLLY: We got both chicken and beef which was nice, and all the condiments that came with it were great (sour cream, guac, cheese, and ‘salsa’. What the meats lacked in tenderness, they made up for in being well seasoned. That’s probably not an even comparison but really you can’t win ’em all. 


NOSA: Finally, the dessert was a brownie with ice cream. Was that on the menu? I don’t recall. It’s forgivable because the brownie was delicious. Infinitely better than the one we had at Bistro 7.


FOLLY: I didn’t really eat the dessert. Tasted the brownies, but avoided the Ice Cream due to dietary constraints.

NOSA: Looks like you guys are just going to have to trust my opinion on this one. The only real downside for me was the ice cream. For a brownie so decadent, you wouldn’t expect it to be topped off with Supreme Ice Cream. Almost had it, guys. Good job, good effort.