Restaurant Week? In Lagos ?

FOLLY: Last week was Fashion Week, and the next three weeks (November 1st to November 21st) will be Restaurant Week. Fashion Week may not have been everyone's bants but I'm sure getting good deals at some of Lagos' best restaurants (fancy ones too) will get your attention.

NOSA: I like how neither Fashion Week nor Restaurant Week is an actual week. 

FOLLY: For those of you not familiar with the idea of Restaurant Week, it's usually a week long event and participating restaurants offer prix-fixe menus for lunch/dinner. Most major cities in America have Restaurant Week once a year (some twice). I'm not really sure how popular it is as a concept outside Los Estados Unidos but Lagos is joining in on all the fun and Nosa and I are pretty stoked as any pair of food lovers would be. 

The deals are 4,000 for a three course lunch menu and 6,000 for a three course dinner menu. Personally, I think the lunch deals are particularly attractive because it's not like Lagos restaurants already subscribe to the idea of having cheaper lunch menus.

NOSA: ...or smaller lunch portions. 

FOLLY: And a quick look at the participating restaurants (see below) will reveal to you that just an entree at any of these restaurants will regularly cost you anywhere between 2,800 and 3,500. So 4,000 for three courses is not bad at all, me thinks.

NOSA: Fashola just paid me my allowee so....

FOLLY:  Lagos Big Boys on a budget (LBBOAB), like Nosa, this is the time to show your hands and take your babe(s) to Talindo (for what we hear is the best steak in Lagos) or 1415 at Eko Signature (for one of the best views of Victoria Island). These two restaurants and a few other fancy (read: slightly pricy) restaurants will be offering a three course fine dining menu for 10,000. 

NOSA: Relax. My NYSC allowance is still 19,800. Can't click. 

FOLLY: Also, don't just turn up at the restaurants! They've decided to make it long and a bit civilized, so you have to make a reservation through the MasterCard website.

NOSA: This thing really works out sooo well. Just imagine, "hey, babe! I got us a table at Talindo for dinner. I'll come get you". 

FULL washing.

FOLLY: If you visit any of these restaurants during the period, come back and let us know what you thought.

Happy Feasting!

Participating restaurants: 

  • "Regular" dining
  • Fine dining

Reserve now!

*Does this place still exist? Thought it shut down.