Your Restaurant Needs Instagram

Inspiro Galeria

1, Joseph Naman Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0817 010 5105

NOSA: I found this place on Instagram when they followed the blog. Speaking of Instagram, you should follow us. Anyway, I was fully washed by their instagram so I had to get Folly to check it out with me.

FOLLY: Nosa swears he's me. Same day I was gauging Inspiro Galeria on Instagram was the day Nosa mentioned we should probably check it out. Guys, Inspiro Galeria might have the most well-curated Instagram page amongst Lagos restaurants. I don't want to name and shame but Nosa has said in the past we shouldn't go to a particular spot because of their terrible Instagram page.

NOSA: That's a very valid reason tbh. Anyway, I absolutely love the space. It's like art gallery meets craft store meets restaurant, which sounds terrible on paper but is delightful in real life. Perfect spot to be fake fancy. If they start serving brunch with bottomless mimosas, it's game over. Might just pack my stuff and move in.

The parking is trash, unfortunately. Took me forever to find parking probably because it's across the street from Dangote's house and the guards are assholes.

FOLLY: Funny story about the parking, Nosa called me wailing that the parking is so terrible and that he can't find anywhere to park. In my mind I was like "ugh okay, not what I need today". Told him I'll just park at the end of the street and walk down. Long story short, Nosa exaggerated.

NOSA: I exaggerated?

FOLLY: The parking isn't that bad but thats mainly because it's non existent. I just parked a bit up the road and walked down nbd. Do the same, it won't kill you. 

NOSA: Cab Sav was chilled. I'm not super fancy like that so that's not something that particularly bothered me but that's not how it's supposed to go, is it?


I ordered the Penne Pasta Sautee with Chicken, but got spaghetti instead for some reason. Folly got the same thing with shrimp and got spaghetti as well. Again, It didn't particularly bother me. It's not like I'm allergic to spaghetti but penne would have been nice. 

FOLLY: The food was okay. I was quite let down that my original selection (Shrimp Scampi) wasn't available, so I was very laissez-faire about the whole evening after that. The best part of my experience here was the waiter actually. He was a bit unsure about everything but in the most endearing and honest way possible.


NOSA: The owner, I think, was super polite too. I thought it was really nice (read: honest) of her to let us know the Chef in the kitchen had zero Shrimp Scampi tekkers. Better that than an absolute disaster of a meal.

But I agree with Folly, the meal itself was ok. It wasn't terrible, far from it in fact. It wasn't memorable either. I'm not going to have some weird craving for it like I do with Chicken Republic wings (a story for another day), but I'm not going to come hear and completely hate myself after eating . Not like that restaurant with the iPad menu. You'll come here more for the ambiance than the food, a bit like Ginger Tapas



"Penne" Pasta Sautee with Chicken - N2500

"Penne" Pasta Sautee with Shrimp - N3000

Cabernet Sauvignon (glass) - N1500

Tea - N500


NOSA: So I came to Inspiro a short while after this original post. Ordered the English breakfast. It came with boiled fucking eggs after I asked for scrambled eggs. The penne/spaghetti thing was cute, this was just foul.