The Best Pizza in Lagos?


13, Musa Yardua Street, Victoria Island

0802 099 4050. 0810 680 0744

NOSA: If you’re looking for something fancy, this probably isn’t the place for you. The interior can’t decide what it wants to be and the exterior dingy. Plastic chairs here and there, the table cloths are all mix ’n match...

FOLLY: The table cloths are faded tie-dye just like your mummy's Bou-Bous from the nineties.

NOSA: ...and the waiters really aren’t checking for you. I guess that’s what gives Pizze-Riah its weird authenticity.

FOLLY: Don't sit inside. It's a bit odd and then it's also cold. Really, no just don't do it. The waiters are even then more likely to forget you exist and not bring you food.

NOSA: The first thing you really notice is the large number of expats in the place. Here’s a little Lagos Pro-Tip: any spot with a huge expat presence is probably good. See that grocery store on Akin Adesola or Bottles, before they fully casted. Expats in Lagos might as well be living in a different city within the metropolis. It’s a shame but, hey ho. 

The pizzas at Pizze-Riah are made in a brick oven, not one of those glorified microwaves at Dominos and the like. I’m talking about the real good stuff here. Folly and I got the Prosciutto, a simple ham and cheese pizza. iPhone tekkers today. iPhone tekkers today.

From the thin crust with the crisp base to that fantastic smokey flavor. Everything about the pizza was perfect. Just so delicious. This is the best pizza in Lagos, hands down. Argue in your house, I'm not interested in any contrary opinion. In fact, I'll fight you if you come up to me to disagree.

 Camera no too tap

Camera no too tap

FOLLY: About the pizza, it was fantastic! I love thin crusts and then the ham wasn't unnecessarily charred and crispy, you know that dark pink stuff that Domino's passes off as ham, yeah it wasn't that. 

NOSA: You have to admire Domino's commitment to their consistency. The Domino's in Nigeria tastes just as trash as the one in America. If you thought you were missing out, trust me, you're getting the full experience.

 Star is to Lagos hipsters as Pabst Blue Ribbon is to American hipsters

Star is to Lagos hipsters as Pabst Blue Ribbon is to American hipsters

FOLLY: Nosa drank Star. He normally drinks "small stout" but I think he was trying to feel cool today because Star is the beer of choice for Lagos' new breed of hipsters. He also cuffed his pants a la Denola but had to un-cuff them cause the look was not working for him. Yeah, he tried a lot but I digress.

NOSA: You're rude. It's Fashion Week, abeg. I just wanted to join the bants.

FOLLY: I had white wine cause you know I'm fake fancy and stuffs and they gave me a full glass! Not any of that barely 3/4 stuff. Win!

Interesting fact, Pizze-Riah is sandwiched in between a trio of restaurants, the other two are Crust and Cream and Basilico, and I and Nosa can proudly say we've been to all three!

PS. Pizze-Riah is cash only! There's no POS. You've been warned.

PPS. Please don't stop reading our blog because of the less than awesome pictures in this post. It was nighttime and Pizze-Riah doesn't want to pay too much in NEPA bills so there's no light outside. It's probably related to them not having a POS terminal as they'll have to charge it and you know that'll mean more electricity consumption.


Prosciutto -  N2,800