Royale Trash


Café Royale

267A, Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 271 4155 

NOSA: First, foremost and most importantly, the drinks are cheap. Well, at least for Lagos standards. 'Ritas for just under $10 aren't what you'd term cheap , but hey, it's Lagos so you take your wins when you can. That's pretty much where the positives stop. The 'ritas aren't particularly good. You're essentially paying N1500 for frozen diabetes.


People rave about the Tex-Mex here so I got the chicken quesadillas. Yeah, about that...people be lying, fam. The chicken was tasteless and the guac was bland. Wasn't expecting too much from guac. Totally excusable if they got a little complacent and didn't put in any effort. It's just supposed to make the plate look nice anyway.

As for the chicken, whatever they did to it is unforgivable. If we're being pedantic, what they DIDN'T do to it is unforgivable. On the bright side, that's a real tortilla and it had cheese. HOORAY!

I'm never listening to any of your opinions on Mexican food in Lagos. You're 0-for-2 right now. In the doghouse you go.


FOLLYPOPS: I skipped a couple courses and went straight to dessert and got the banana chocolate crepe. It was wretched, and I have nothing else to say on the subject. Nosa didn't even get a picture of it.