Nosa's Birthday Dinner

1415 Italian Restaurant @ Eko Signature 

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos. (Eko Hotel)

01 277 2700-25.

NOSA: So for my birthday, my coworkers got me a voucher to 1415 because they know how much I love food. I'd preferred an iPhone 6, guys. This worked too though. 

Delicate Puff

NOSA: For our starter we got the Delicate puff. It wasn't bad, but we definitely should have gone for the calamari. Rookie error.

FOLLY: This was definitely my mistake. I envisioned a light puff pastry roll loaded with mozzarella and parmesan. I wholeheartedly regretted this decision then and now, because if the rest of the meal was any indication the calamari would have been glorious. 


NOSA: I told the waiter that I'd like my filet butterfly'd, it wasn't but I'll admit I was doing the most. In my head, I was thinking of how awesome the instagram picture would look. Yup, that's my life now. 

FOLLY: Our waiter was so confused by Nosa’s request. He came back to ask “they should butter-FRY it ?”. I was dying on the inside. 


NOSA: The filet was absolutely excellent. I'm not going to pontificate about how you should get your steak like I usually do, just know that medium rare is the way to go. I really wish I got good picture of the filet because the ones we took didn't do it justice.


FOLLY: White sauce pastas are usually my go-to but for a tomato based sauce it’s “alla vodka’’ most of the time. Like, I’d never order marinara anything. It’s so bland like a Jollof Rice base without salt, magi, etc.

NOSA: I loved Folly's penne alla vodka. Had a little plate envy to be honest. The vodka sauce was so so good. Penne alla vodka used to be my go-to in college. There was this little Italian place on the first floor of my apartment that made the most delicious one. I OD'd on that thing until they shut them down over some health code violation.


 FOLLY: This might behave been the first time I noticed penne alla vodka on a restaurant menu in Nigeria so I just had to get it.  


Here’s my own little back story on how I got hooked on penne alla vodka: I spent a summer in New York and my uncle would frequently order it for us for dinner from Pizzeria UNO. I also tried to make it myself a couple of times using the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.

Anyways, my pasta was a perfect 10. The penne was al dente and not hard. It’s also very rare that I don’t add black pepper or salt to my pasta dishes and I didn't add any to this.  

NOSA: A little side note for you savages out there: no, vodka sauce won't get you drunk. Bailey's ice cream won't get you drunk either. 


FOLLY: This Caipirinha will get you drunk, however.

NOSA: Because no birthday is complete without cake, I got a tiramisu, aka BESTTHINGEVAR.   

The tiramisu was pretty decent, not as good as the La Taverna one, but quality nonetheless. 



NOSA: I loved 1415. The service was excellent and the manager was super cool.

Unfortunately, 1415 will burn a massive hole in your wallet. Don't do this unless you have the hands or you'll end up soaking garri for the rest of the month. If I start touching that Oil & Gas money though, this will definitely be my spot. 

FOLLY: When I was driving home from work a couple days after we went here, I randomly found myself musing on how perfect the meal was. I can’t place a finger on what it was exactly; there was a certain air of freshness to everything we ate. Only minus I’ll say from this trip was that the margarita wasn’t the wave, the other cocktails were good though. 


Delicate Puff - N3000

Filet Rossini - N8500

Salmon Pasta - N4500

Tiramisu - N2500

Short Cocktails - N2500

Long Cocktails - N2900