As much as we love Lagos, it isn't the most organized city. You really have to be committed to find the good things here. This is where we come in.

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We go to different places in Lagos, eat their food, and write about it. There are few voices here:

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How did we get here?

Folly & Nosa went to The Foundry for brunch one day and a conversation about "struggle" bacon in Lagos birthed this food blog.

The End.

Who are you guys?

NOSA: Mexican food and margaritas are my kryptonite. And brunches with bottomless mimosas. And Guinness. And pasta.  Look, I like food. Stop judging me. This one time, at a wedding, I got cut off at the open bar.

FOLLY: I'm a Southern Belle stuck in Lagos. I wear sun dresses and get drunk at horse races. Classy. I used to drink red bull vodka (double), again classy, but Lagos happened and now I drink Hennessy and the nearest mixer. My favourite dessert is apple crumble. 

CHRISTINA: I’m a TV and Film junkie who also spends an incredible amount of time reviewing skincare products she can barely afford.

FOLARIN: Out here doing things that involve being six feet tall. How tall are you again?

DENISE: I’m a spice who knows she’s sweet - most of the time. I have an affinity for cozy conversations with sweet reds and creamy pasta chock full of shrimp. I also like to party, drink Bacardi straight and talk about star signs. I run a spectrum. Spin the wheel and see who pops up.

OLUWATOBI: Might be the only person you know that actually eats the mosa in the small chops pack. Recounted her childhood trauma in a Nigerian Kitchen for the blog here.

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